Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is found on many different surfaces, and the graffiti artists use many types of paints. It is often offensive, mostly unsightly but always unwanted.

We provide a prompt, efficient, affordable and friendly service available to all. We have been cleaning graffiti since 1984 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. I'm sure we have all seen areas that have been cleaned, where smudging has occurred or areas that are just squared off leaving a clean square patch, even worse where the stone and brickwork is blatantly damaged just to remove graffiti, this is not necessary and this is not our policy.

We always blend and merge the areas ensuring you would not know Graffiti Doctor was ever there. By using the correct methods, no damage occurs and all areas are blended out so the eye is not drawn to a sudden clean area.

Graffiti Doctor was born from DJ Kershaw Ltd, Stone Cleaning Specialists. We understand the delicate nature of stonework, brickwork and all surfaces on which we now find graffiti. We will always use the correct method of clean to ensure no degradation occurs on or within the surface. Experience is crucial in selecting the correct product for the correct substrate and then ensuring these products are correctly rinsed out or neutralised ensuring no long-term damage to the surface and the compatibility with surroundings. We take pride in all our works.